Hey there! I'm Richard. 

I'm a student at UC Berkeley studying computer science and business under the M.E.T. program. Most recently, I tinkered with compilers and trading systems at Jane Street.

Previously, I helped ship branching at Figma, worked on revenue platform at Stripe, the Azure Marketplace at Microsoft, and data science / machine learning research at Unanimous AI. I also set up computer vision infrastructure for autonomous vehicles under Professor David Whitney.

Outside of work / academics, I'm involved with some communities on campus. I was a vice president and project manager at Codebase, and pre-quaratine I occasionally partook in IM tournaments 🏐 with friends. I've also mentored courses with CSM and have been active in HKN.

In my free time, I love to build things 🔧, listen to & produce music 🎹, splash around in pools 🏊‍♂️, try to make sense of things 📚, and (re)watch Netflix & Crunchyroll 📺.

Thanks so much for stopping by 👋. Reach out if anything caught your eye — I'd love to hop on a call and chat!