Hey, I'm Richard. 

I'm currently building product at Skiff, a privacy-first collaboration platform and workspace. Recently, I wrapped up degrees in computer science and business under the M.E.T. program. I'm based in SF but will be traveling around a bit this summer.

Previously, I tinkered with equities trading and compilers at Jane Street, helped ship branching at Figma, revamped the revenue platform at Stripe, and helped the Azure Marketplace migration at Microsoft. I've also worked with Compound and other protocols as part of Blockchain @ Berkeley.

I'm interested in digital privacy, market / incentive design, longevity research, psychadelic-assisted therapy, and application-specific blockchains.

Outside of work, I enjoy David Gilmour solos, music production, oysters, espresso, and old Hong Kong cinema.

Thanks for stopping by — come say hi if anything caught your eye.